SGP WGC Ranking List

What is fascinating to you about the Grand Prix competition format?

I love the idea of racing against other competitors and whoever is first at the finish-line first wins, a bit like F1 which I love as well.

What expectations or wishes do you have for your start at the Grand Prix in Eisenhüttenstadt?

Just enjoying the new competition format and have fun.

Have you ever flown in the area? No Do you know the Fläming? No Do you know the so-called “magic forest” (Puszcza Notecka)? What is your experience or what are you hoping for?

Hoping for some brilliant soaring weather and a nice cold beer after the flight.

What characterizes your life when you're not flying?

Flying again as I fly as a 747 Captain for a Dutch Airline and my wife flies as cabin crew for a British Airline, our 2 children have become professional standby travellers as we try to take them anywhere in the world. We live near Bournemouth on the Southcoast of the UK.

What else would you like to share with the public?


Homeclub: Lasham, UK

Glider: JS-3