SGP WGC Ranking List


What is fascinating to you about the Grand Prix competition format?

It is very fascinating that the tactical decisions regarding the departure time are taken away from you and it is only about the decisions on the track. In addition, at the end you know directly who has been the fastest and can better compare your flight path with those of the others.

What expectations or wishes do you have for your start at the Grand Prix in Eisenhüttenstadt?

I want to have a lot of fun, make new friends and meet up with old friends.


Have you ever flown in the area? Do you know the Fläming? Do you know the so-called “magic forest” (Puszcza Notecka)? What is your experience or what are you hoping for?

I have only heard about the Fläming and the magic forest so far and would like to try out the magic for myself.

What characterizes your life when you're not flying?

At the moment, I don't fly much because I'm a sports soldier. But otherwise I like to meet friends and play tennis. Next year I will start studying.


Homeclub: Aeroclub Bonn-Hangelar e.V.

Glider: Discus 2cT